About Us

Based in the beautiful Shropshire Hills, the shop on Sandford Ave provides the base for our extensive online shop and other outlets such as Etsy and Ravelry. Both the physical and online shops are an Aladdin’s cave of squishy fun, providing:

  • Beautiful British and European yarns, specialising in natural fibres
  • In-house and mainstream designed patterns
  • A wide range of wool and other fibres for felting and spinning
  • The Prolific Crafter range of kits
  • Ashford products and equipment for spinning and weaving
  • Hand-crafted gifts made locally by resident and guest artists

We have a great team at The Prolific Crafter to deliver the range of products and services provided by her business. All the staff are crafters themselves and are always enthusiastic to provide advice and help to shop visitors.

Not satisfied with just providing materials, we deliver workshops in knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving and felting both inhouse and as a guest for other groups, all backed up by YouTube videos on The Prolific Crafter channel.