Merino Wool Tops – 50g


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50g Merino Wool Tops

The Merino fleece is beautifully soft with a good length of staple. Fibre is approx. 23microns and staple length, 75 to 80mm.

Merino is perfect for hand spinning and wet felting. It is also good for adding fine details to needle felting.

Harmony – Teal, Grey and Green

Tranquil – Blues

Passion – Reds

Calm – Greens

Blaze – Red, Yellow, Orange and a touch of brown

Rainbow – Deep blue with a rainbow of colours

Unicorn – Pale Lilac, Yellow and Blue

Heavenly – Purple and Lilac

Whisper – A soft blend of Purples and Pinks

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Harmony, Tranquil, Passion, Calm, Blaze, Rainbow, Unicorn, Heavenly, Whisper, Barbie