Crocheted Hair Scrunchy

The final weekend of November is upon us, this usually marks the beginning of the Christmas season preparations. I am terrible at preparing for the holidays, more often than not leaving all my Christmas crafting and shopping until the last minute.

The crochet pattern below is a quick little make which uses minimal amounts of yarn. Bust through your odds and ends in your stash and create hair scrunchies for giving as gifts, or keep for yourself.

The early 2020’s saw the revival of the hair scrunchy and it continues to prove a popular staple accessory.

This pattern uses British terminology. 


               Ch: Chain

               Dc: Double crochet

               Htr: Half treble crochet

               Tr: Treble crochet

               Ss: Slip Stitch

Head over to the YouTube tutorial to follow along with the video.

  • Round 1: Attach you yarn to the hair elastic, ch1, work double crochet stitches all around the hair tie, ss to first stitch to join.
  • Round 2: ch2, 2htr in each st around, ss to first stitch to join.
  • Round 3: ch3, *(1tr in first st, 2tr in next st) rep from * around, ss to first stitch to join.
  • Round 4: ch3, 1dc in first st, *(1dc in next stitch, ch2, 1 dc into the same stitch) rep from * around, ss to first st to join.
Weave ends in.

Happy Crafting!