The End of 2022

New Year’s Eve marks the end of 2022. This year started with COVID restrictions still in place, but as the year has progressed, we have found that the world has been opening more and more. There is a sense of excitement and positivity in the air looking forward to 2023. As a reclusive crafter I am not spending my evening socialising, I am spending it at my spinning wheel, with cats as my company, whilst I reflect on my year of crafting behind me and ahead.

Gone are the days of zoom workshops and we can once again learn new skills in person. A positive that many of us have taken from the COVID period is that mental wellbeing is relevant and important. Learning a new craft, or progressing with a current one, is not only fun, but it creates a sense of achievement which in turn, releases endorphins in our brains.

Expanding Knowledge 

I have attended a few courses during 2022, which have really made me feel excited about crafting again. Take this time to think about what skills or craft you would like to develop over the next year and invest some time in you. Looking forward to 2023 we have so many workshops planned in the shop, I did really miss teaching whilst we couldn’t get together. Keep an eye on our Workshops page to see what we have lined up.

Getting Out & About

2023 looks set to have even more wool festivals. I was very lucky to be able to have a stand at Wonderwool Wales in 2022, my first year of exhibiting there. 2023’s calendar of wool festivals is jam packed, check out “Being Knitterly’s” blog post where Nicki has compiled a good list of UK events.

Crafting in 2023

I am truly looking forward to being able to be a crafter with like-minded people throughout 2023. Whether that be at workshops, events, or even just our regular Coffee & Craft sessions. Having 2 years of forced reclusiveness has made me realise that I like to be around like minded crafty people, where we can turn yarn into jumpers whilst drinking tea together.