Bluefaced Leicester Sheep Fleece

Few British sheep breeds can boast a fine fleece suitable for wearing against the skin, a feat particularly challenging in the ever-changing British weather. However, in the late 1800s, a remarkable breed emerged through a meticulous process of selective breeding—the Bluefaced Leicester sheep. Descended from the traditional Border Leicester breed, the Bluefaced Leicester owes its finer fleece to the deliberate choice of rams with darker, greyish skin. These carefully selected rams produced offspring with a superior quality fleece, setting the stage for a breed that would revolutionise the British wool industry.

When it comes to British sheep breeds, the Bluefaced Leicester stands apart, offering a range of benefits that make its fleece highly sought after. Firstly, its natural crimp provides structure and resilience, making it ideal for creating durable and long-lasting products. Additionally, the Bluefaced Leicester fleece possesses a remarkable softness and luster, surpassing many other breeds. This luxurious quality makes it highly suitable for items that come into direct contact with the skin, ensuring a cosy and comfortable experience. Furthermore, the longer staple length of Bluefaced Leicester wool enables spinners and knitters to work with it more easily, resulting in smoother yarn and finer stitch definition. These qualities, combined with the breed’s natural loftiness, make Bluefaced Leicester fleece an excellent choice for producing accessories and garments that provide both warmth and a touch of sophistication.

At The Prolific Crafter, we are thrilled to offer our exclusive Pennington 4ply yarn, crafted from the exquisite fleece of some local Bluefaced Leicester sheep. Named after the talented farmer, Ian Pennington, this yarn embodies the dedication and passion we have for promoting sustainable, high-quality materials. Considering the decreasing prices paid by the Wool Marketing Board over the years, we took the initiative to support this local farmer by purchasing the fleeces from Ian after the 2022 shearing. The fleeces were then sent for spinning, resulting in the creation of our Pennington 4ply yarn. Delicately spun to maintain the unique characteristics of the Bluefaced Leicester fleece, our yarn offers a beautiful, lofty texture that lends itself perfectly to a wide range of projects. Whether you’re looking to create accessories or garments, the Pennington 4ply yarn will infuse your creations with warmth, comfort, and undeniable elegance.

The Bluefaced Leicester sheep has not only carved a significant place in British farming history but has also left an indelible mark on the world of wool. Its fine fleece, born from a meticulous selection process, sets it apart from many other British sheep breeds. The Bluefaced Leicester’s exceptional qualities, including its softness, lustre, crimp, and staple length, make it a prized choice for discerning crafters and enthusiasts alike. At The Prolific Crafter, we celebrate the magnificence of this breed through our Pennington 4ply yarn, meticulously crafted from the fleeces of our own flock. With its lofty texture and inherent warmth, our yarn is a testament to the enduring legacy of the Bluefaced Leicester and a tribute to the artistry of those who work with it. Experience the beauty of Bluefaced Leicester fleece with our Pennington 4ply yarn, available both in-store and on our website, and embark on a crafting journey that combines tradition, elegance, and a touch of British heritage.

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